Friday, 16 November 2018

What a beautiful day outside, sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky and we are blessed to be able to start with preparing the ground for the fence.

For the duration of this trip, we stayed at Fifi (Elder at First Baptist Church Ponto do Oura) and his wife Mary in Ponta do Oura.

Before setting out to the site, we stopped off and ordered cement, stones, riversand and gum poles for the 1st phase of the fence.

Once we managed to lay our hands on spades, armed with some cold drinks and water, we set out to the Malongane site to start the day’s work.

Ronaldo (a local Malongane musician), met us at the Malongane Baptist site and offered his help for the day – Thank you Ronaldo.

Derick, Fifi and Ronaldo started digging the 1 meter holes for fence poles. 25 holes were dug.

Kathy cleared the brushes with a panga where the holes need to go. She learnt very quickly how to swing the panga to get maximum results .

As we were still waiting for the poles to arrive, work slowed down a bit in the late afternoon and took a breather here and there.  The poles finally arrived in shortly after 5pm.

After finishing up at work, Brother Salamoa from First Baptist Church Ponto do Oura arrived to help us. He quickly jumped in and started offloading the gum poles.

Dark would soon show its face and there was no time to get the poles into the ground before then. So, we set out back home for some much needed rest.