7 – 11 January 2019

Boy oh boy, are we missing Amos and Mario. It is SO quiet without them in camp.  We miss the morning rusks and coffee, the evening fellowship and laughs with them as well as the evening devotion together.

This week we continued to clear, we moved compost heaps and created a drive-through for ease of turnaround for the vehicles and camping trailer. The area where the church is going to be built is now completely cleared.

We started breaking up camp on Friday 11th just after lunch.  We left Malongane around 8 on Saturday 12th.  Our wait at the border was only about 45 minutes and after a few stretch-our-leg-stops, we arrived back home early evening.

The next few pictures were all taken in Malongane and dedicated to all the awesome little critters we came across during our stay there 🙂

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