Monday 24 – 31 Dec 2018

During the next few days we continued clearing the area immediately around us, we cleaned up the paths, and added some gum poles as steps for the locals to make it a little easier to walk up and down.

We started digging the 1m deep trenches required for the water pipes and electrical cable.  The distance is about 120m from the bottom of the property to the top.  This was quite a task. The 3 men dug for 2 days to get this mammoth job done. Kathy supervised and brought them refreshments 🙂

Logs used as steps in steep areas

Christmas day was very special.  This is the day our Lord and Saviour was born and we start the day off thanking God for Jesus and for what he did on the cross for our salvation.  We thanked him for the fellowship together and for all he has provided followed by our morning devotion. Amos and Mario read from the Portuguese Bibles we gave them for Christmas, both most pleased with the gift.

We then took a drive out to just other side Mamoli where we found a quant little restaurant. The owner Rainha (who lives just behind the restaurant) was super friendly.  We ordered Chicken which was made from scratch by Rainha and her daughter – most certainly worth the wait.

Once we arrived back in Malongane, we decided to treat ourselves to a Milkshake at Crabs. What a brilliant decision that was – in the heat of the day it was just what we needed.  Back at camp we enjoyed the Christmas cake we purchased at the bakery in Ponta do Oura the day before.

Our day came to an end and so we enjoyed the fellowship at camp before evening devotion and yes, you guessed it, straight to bed.

Evening devotion

On Sunday we had the pleasure of Greg, Nicky and Alex joining us for Sunday teaching & devotion at camp.


Another great night’s sleep and we’re off to an early start again. Today we planted the rest of the poles for our fence.  Derick installed the pump control system and db board for the camp in the little pump house at the bottom of the property. We also had a quick introductory meeting with one of the local chiefs in Malongane.

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