Tuesday 01 January 2019

Our day started a little later than usual. We needed to catch up on the sleep lost. One thing the locals do very well is celebrate. Fireworks could be heard from the village. With us staying in a tent, the sound is not dampened as it would with brick walls. The surrounding homesteads were each playing their own (different) music and at full blast. It was going to be a long night.

It is now 9am and still no sign of the technician who was meant to connect our power at 7am. We tried reaching him but no luck. Eventually we managed to get hold of him.

Donned with our pig skin gloves, the four of us marched down to the bottom, the furthest gum pole from the camp. Derick came up with an idea to unwind the barbed wire from the roll without puncturing our hands. The men quickly built the contraption and voila, we are ready to go.

We placed the contraption at the top of the property next to the driveway and started walking down with the one end. Putting up the fence took us one day, much quicker than what we anticipated. The four of us worked well together as a team and each one of us had a particular duty assigned to us which contributed to the job being done quickly.

Around 5pm the local electricity provider finally arrived to connect our electricity . We were all so happy one would think they brought us presents. We now have power complete with a portable control panel which we can take with us and top up with units as we need it.

Tonight Derick is preparing chicken on the braai and Kathy is making a toss salad to go with the chicken and Pao (something we all learnt to enjoy tremendously).

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