Friday 21 December 2018

We left Benoni at 04h00 this morning. Amos Mbanze and Mario Nhamuave, both employees of our business and Mozambique citizens joined us on this trip.

Derick drove his Ford towing the trailer with wheelbarrow, irrigation pipe, barbed wire, 2500lt water tank, 260lt drums and various fittings and equipment. Kathy drove the 4×4 Ford carrying the brush cutter, chain saw and various hand held tools and equipment and drinking water, towing the 4×4 camping trailer which will be our home for the next 3 weeks.

After two quick fuel stops en-route, we arrived at Kosi Bay Border just after lunch. After declaring the equipment and explaining to customs what our purpose was, we continued the remaining 40 minutes of the trip to Ponta Malongane. On arrival we quickly got ourselves settled and started to clear some bush for a parking spot to set up camp.

Amos used the chainsaw to cut down the thicker branches, Mario used his brush cutter bashed through the thick brushes. Derick trimmed the branches to make space around the camp. With all the raking we collected enough leaves etc for our first compost heap.

We were now fighting daylight and had to set up camp quickly as we don’t have access to electricity. Within an hour, between the four of us, the job was done. With some manouvering, we managed to get the 4×4 camping trailer in place. In no time, we had the camp set up, gas connected and solar lights in place. Portable shower and bath tub set up and we were ready for dinner.

Derick cooked boerewors on the braai for us and we had boerewors rolls made with pao (local bread) for dinner. We hit the sack not long after, it was a long day and we were slightly tired.

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