Sunday, 18 November 2018

After a good night’s sleep, we rose to another beautiful day and feeling very blessed to have the opportunity to spend time in God’s word and presence today.

We attended the Sunday morning service at First Baptist Church Ponto Do Oura where Pastor Ernesto delivered the sermon.

As always, the worshipping at FBCPDO is spectacular.  Fantastic selection of songs performed by each group, Ladies, Youth, Sunday school and Men.  What a privilege for us to be here.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Eager to start the day, we gathered our equipment and headed out to Malongane. Faithful to his word, Ronaldo met us at the site again to give us a hand today.

We made contact with the neighbouring homesteads and introduced ourselves (most of them spoke a little English, and those who did not, Fifi translated).  They all were aware that the ground belongs to the Baptist church and we explained our plans to them.

At present, the locals were using a foot path that ran right through the middle of the property to get to the village. With the fence erected, they will not be able to do this anymore. So, with the assistance of one of the neighbours and 2 other helpers, we cleared two foot paths through the dense bush on either side of the property, from the top right down to the bottom to allow the locals to still walk to the bottom without having to go around the entire area. This was done as a courtesy to the locals. We also cleared where the fence needs to go at the bottom of the property.

All kinds of creatures made their presence known whilst we were clearing bushes. This giant snail stuck its head out to see what we were up to.

Today we had an extra helper, brother Joaquim, a fellow brother at FBCPDO came along to help us plant the poles that were delivered yesterday afternoon.

As soon as we arrived on site, Derick, Fifi, Ronaldo and Joaquim started mixing the cement for the poles. This proved to be a little more difficult than anticipated. Water……. The cement mix needs water. Although there is a borehole at the bottom of the property, it has no pump and no means of getting the water out. So we decided to ask some of the neighbouring  homesteads for water for our mix. Just our luck, there was no electricity in the area and none of the boreholes functioned. This posed a bit of a problem for us as without water we cannot mix the cement. We are only around for a few more days and much needed to be done in that time. Kathy and Ronaldo got into the Ford to go water hunting.  Soon enough, not far down the road, a local had a tank on a stand which meant no electricity needed to get water. Our problem solved. In no time the two of them returned with 3 x 25lt buckets of water and the mixing started. The ball was on the roll and everyone in good spirit.

The sun was beating down on us but it did not dampen the mood. Spades were swinging, poles were painted with creosote and bushes were flying.

What a productive day. What great teamwork! 26 gum poles painted with creosote, planted and cemented in. The entire Northern perimeter planted with poles.

Covered in creosote, sweat and dust, the workforce returned home for the night to rest the weary muscles.

Friday, 16 November 2018

What a beautiful day outside, sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky and we are blessed to be able to start with preparing the ground for the fence.

For the duration of this trip, we stayed at Fifi (Elder at First Baptist Church Ponto do Oura) and his wife Mary in Ponta do Oura.

Before setting out to the site, we stopped off and ordered cement, stones, riversand and gum poles for the 1st phase of the fence.

Once we managed to lay our hands on spades, armed with some cold drinks and water, we set out to the Malongane site to start the day’s work.

Ronaldo (a local Malongane musician), met us at the Malongane Baptist site and offered his help for the day – Thank you Ronaldo.

Derick, Fifi and Ronaldo started digging the 1 meter holes for fence poles. 25 holes were dug.

Kathy cleared the brushes with a panga where the holes need to go. She learnt very quickly how to swing the panga to get maximum results .

As we were still waiting for the poles to arrive, work slowed down a bit in the late afternoon and took a breather here and there.  The poles finally arrived in shortly after 5pm.

After finishing up at work, Brother Salamoa from First Baptist Church Ponto do Oura arrived to help us. He quickly jumped in and started offloading the gum poles.

Dark would soon show its face and there was no time to get the poles into the ground before then. So, we set out back home for some much needed rest.