Baptist Mission, Malongane


November 2018

This blog covers the start and progress of the planting of the “Second Baptist Church Malongane”, in Ponta Malongane, Mozambique

Derick and Kathy Hugo, members from Northmead Baptist Church (NBC) in Benoni accompanied Team Leader Jason Ganas on one of his mission trips to Swaziland from 5 to 8 July 2018. This was Derick and Kathy’s very first mission trip. It changed their lives – they very quickly realised they had a calling for mission work.

Obedient, ready, willing and able, they set out on scouting mission with Portuguese translator Caroline, (also from NBC) to Mozambique 6 – 8 September 2018 .

On their arrival, their initial intentions did not come to fruition. However, God had a plan. The three of them were re-routed and found themselves, without any pre-planning or arranging, on the doorstep of First Baptist Church Ponto do Oura (FBCPDO).

There they were welcomed by Pastor Ernesto, his wife Mariana and son Zacharia (Musician for Praise & Worship Team). And so the story begins.

After some discussions with Pastor Ernesto, they gathered some information and ascertained what the immediate need of the community was and started planning a mission trip to Ponto do Oura.

They took a 9 member strong team to Ponta Malongane 8 – 14 October 2018. They camped on the grounds of the Baptist Church in Ponta do Oura and had great fellowship and worshipped God together with the members of FBCPDO.  They had 3 revival services at night as well as a movie night where they showed the movie “Jesus” in Portuguese, complete with popcorn.

During the day they set out to satellite churches in Pedrero and Bella Vista where the Gospel was shared with the locals and 20 hospice buckets were given to the elderly and the terminally ill. During this time, 5 people gave their lives to Jesus, praise God!

Not long after they returned from this amazing mission trip, they starting embarking on a mission field in Mozambique as this is where their heart lay. Soon thereafter, Derick and Kathy was approached by First Baptist Church Ponta do Oura and asked to manage, coordinate and assist in planting a church and Mission in neighbouring Ponta Malongane on their behalf.

And so the story begins on Saturday, 17 November 2018 ……….

For donations, either once-off or monthly, no matter how big or small please see bank details below:

Northmead Baptist Church (NPO Reg 2016/301846/08)
First National Bank
Acc 59640010945
Branch code 250655
Ref: Moz-mission + your name

God Bless!


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